Friday, January 28, 2022

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"Where Education, Design, Construction, and Life Cycles Come Together."

Ep. 193: Why Data Matters More Than Ever to Workplace Strategy with Dan Ryan of VergeSense

Dan Ryan is Co-Founder and CEO at VergeSense, a Workplace Analytics Platform trusted by enterprises...

Ep. 192: Mastering Optimization in the Digital Workplace with James Waddell of Cognitive Services Corporation

James Waddell is Executive Vice President at Cognitive Corp where he is connecting HR, Facility...

Ep. 191: CRE & Facility Management Strategy and Technology Trends for the Future Workplace with Juliana Beauvais of IDC

Juliana Beauvais is Research Manager, Enterprise Asset Management and Smart Facilities at IDC where she...

Ep. 190: The Paradox of the Workplace in 2022 with Podcast Host Mike Petrusky of iOFFICE + SpaceIQ

Happy New Year and welcome to the “Paradox of the Workplace in 2022”! For years,...

Ep. 97: Digital Transformation, Upskilling Your Workforce and Preparing for the Future of Work with Sarah McEneaney of PwC

Sarah McEneaney is a Partner and Digital Talent Leader at PwC where she is part...