Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Ep. 178: The Digital Workplace, Technology, Culture and the Future of Work with Podcaster Neil Miller

Neil Miller is host of The Digital Workplace Podcast where he is a media creator...

Ep. 177: A Conversation about the Forces Changing How We Use Office Space with Pay Wu, SLCR, Anthony Parzanese and David Wagner

Pay Wu, SLCR is Executive Managing Director, Region Head of Global Occupier Services, Americas East...

Ep. 176: Flexible Work, Agile Real Estate Strategies and the Future Workplace with Inabelle Fang of Willis Towers Watson

Inabelle Fang is Senior Real Estate Manager at Willis Towers Watson where she manages projects...

Ep. 175: Impacting Workplace Wellness from the Inside with Rasha Hasaneen of Trane Technologies

Rasha Hasaneen is Vice President of Innovation and Product Excellence and Executive Director of the...

Ep. 89: Best Quotes & Worst Notes of 2019 – Highlights from the Workplace Innovator Podcast with Mike Petrusky

Mike Petrusky looks back on some of the best moments from “The Workplace Innovator Podcast”...